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Let's Magnify the
positive impact of this film

21 Miles in Malibu is available for distribution, licensing or sponsorship. It's been featured in the Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and The Daily Mail to name a few publications.  Our primary goal is to get as many people to view it as possible so our film truly makes a positive impact and maybe even saves lives. This film was a pure passion project after Producer Michel Shane tragically lost his daughter Emily Shane on PCH in 2010 to a reckless out of control driver. View the NBC news story here.

PCH Malibu is nicknamed "Blood Alley" by many people and for good reason. There's been 633+ injuries, 17+ fatal injuries and 400+ collisions in a matter of years and counting. It's getting worse every day, nothing is really happening to improve it and it must stop before more people die or get hurt. Help us make a difference and support this film and fill out the below form if you're interested and scroll down to view our trailer, see our poster and more. We appreciate your consideration to make a positive difference together.  

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