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21 Miles-Petition for Safety Improvements and Educational Initiatives on the Pacific Coast

To: The City Council of Malibu, County of Los Angeles, State of California

As concerned citizens, we write this petition to express our deep concern over the safety issues surrounding the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), specifically the section that runs through our beloved city from Webb Way to Los Flores. Year after year, we have witnessed an increasing number of accidents and incidents that pose a risk to human lives and the tranquility of our community. We strongly believe it is time to put human life and safety first.

Therefore, we request that the City of Malibu help us as citizens take control of this portion of the PCH from Caltrans. As a local body with a better understanding of our unique challenges and needs, we trust that the City of Malibu is better placed to implement safety measures and oversee the maintenance of this stretch of the PCH.

Our requests are as follows:

Road Safety Improvements: We urge the City Council to conduct a thorough safety evaluation of the PCH section from Webb Way to Los Flores and implement necessary improvements. These may include better lighting, clearer signage, improved road surfaces, and any other measures deemed necessary by the safety evaluation.

Enforcement of Traffic Rules: Stricter enforcement of traffic rules can help to deter reckless driving and speeding, which are often the causes of accidents on the PCH. We request that the City Council collaborate with local and state law enforcement to increase police presence and enforcement along this section of the highway.

Education and Awareness Campaigns: We believe in the power of education to effect change. We propose that the City of Malibu help launch education and awareness campaigns to inform residents and visitors about the dangers of reckless driving and the importance of road safety. These campaigns could be carried out through local schools, community centers, and media outlets.

We call for decisive action to make the Pacific Coast Highway safer for everyone. These measures will go a long way in protecting human lives and enhancing the safety of our community.

We trust in the City Council's commitment to the safety and well-being of its residents and look forward to seeing positive changes on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

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